I am a Military Veteran. Like countless others, I had trouble receiving my service connected Disability. But other vets don’t need to go through the painful process I did. I eventually learned how to navigate the system and I’m here to help other vets reduce the red tape and the delays in receiving their benefits. I offer my time free of charge to any Veteran who contacts me in this regard.

Your first order of business is to acquire a complete copy of your military medical records.

And before you do anything with them, make a copy for your archives and store them away. I’ve sent in papers that the VA has “misplaced”. If you don’t have an archive to make new copies from, you’d be dead in the water or looking at a long delay to get them replaced. Always be sure to make a copy of any other evidence you plan to submit prior to turning it into the VA as well.

Military Records Request

For all military records dating back to the First World War, send your Inquiry Kit which should include:
  • Veteran's name
  • military service number
  • discharge date and rank
  • service branch
  • combat theater
  • statement you are the Veteran

Send in your Inquiry kit to:
General Services Administration
National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 83232.

Important Note: If you have any fellow Veterans, including former Commanders, you served with who are aware of your Medical condition, ask them to write a Statement for you and attach it to your Disability request package. Your Congressman can also help you and speed the process.